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Safe Space

Why does Canada jail immigrants? Should athletes just stick to sports? Do we have to pick between pipelines and the environment? What exactly is a Blake Shelton? 

Led by Vicky Mochama, a panel of smart, funny, and delightful people walk listeners through the questions that are shaping Canada. We hope to find some answers but if we can't do that, we'll at least have fun on the way

Mar 22, 2019

Globe and Mail columnist Doug Saunders takes you through the big week in Brexit. Analyst Oksana Kischuk looks at the money being thrown at millenials in Budget 2019. And the panel comes to a rare agreement. 

Mar 15, 2019

Vice Canada reporter Manisha Krishnan catches us up on the last five months in marijuana legalization - who's winning, who is losing and what, if anything, we've gained. Toronto Star sports reporter Morgan Campbell breaks down the cheating scandal rocking the one-percent, Felicity Huffman's house and university...

Mar 8, 2019

Le Devoir columnist Emilie Nicolas walks through Quebec's big plan on immigration. Broadcaster and activist Desmond Cole joins the panel to talk about The Problem With Dancing With John Tory. And Vicky declines a do-over.

Mar 1, 2019

On a very special episode of Safe  Space we feature three podcasts from The Docket, The Read Road and the Intrepid podcast.

Feb 22, 2019

National Post reporter Tyler Dawson explains the convoy of protestors that rode from the West to the Hill. And a new plan to change police oversight in Ontario unravels years of negotiations and protesting. Plus Buzzfeed News reporter Lauren Strapagiel drops a gender bomb. 

Comedian, policy wonk and noted millennial...