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Safe Space

Why does Canada jail immigrants? Should athletes just stick to sports? Do we have to pick between pipelines and the environment? What exactly is a Blake Shelton? 

Led by Vicky Mochama, a panel of smart, funny, and delightful people walk listeners through the questions that are shaping Canada. We hope to find some answers but if we can't do that, we'll at least have fun on the way

Apr 27, 2018

This week we talk about the horrific vehicular attack in Toronto that killed 10 people, what we know about the suspect, and what can be done about angry young men. Then, with the weather warming up again, we talk about the expected increase in irregular border crossings by refugee claimants.

Joining the panel this week are Vice News Canada reporter Mack Lamoureux and immigration lawyer Cheryl Robinson. 

Follow Mack on Twitter: @macklamoureux