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Safe Space

Why does Canada jail immigrants? Should athletes just stick to sports? Do we have to pick between pipelines and the environment? What exactly is a Blake Shelton? 

Led by Vicky Mochama, a panel of smart, funny, and delightful people walk listeners through the questions that are shaping Canada. We hope to find some answers but if we can't do that, we'll at least have fun on the way

Jun 9, 2017

On the season finale of Safe Space, policy analyst Lauren Dobson Hughes (@ldobsonhughes) and HuffPo blogs editor Michael Scholars (@scholarsenic) join the panel to talk about changes to the Criminal Code. Canada's new foreign policy swagger and what's been happening in the British election campaign. Follow the show on...

Jun 2, 2017

Policy wonk Brittany Andrew-Amofah and comedian Ryan McMahon are on Safe Space to talk about the changing of the political guard in Ottawa and in British Columbia, as well as the ongoing failure of the federal government to properly fund social welfare for First Nations children. Vicky and Ishmael also talk about why...