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Safe Space

Why does Canada jail immigrants? Should athletes just stick to sports? Do we have to pick between pipelines and the environment? What exactly is a Blake Shelton? 

Led by Vicky Mochama, a panel of smart, funny, and delightful people walk listeners through the questions that are shaping Canada. We hope to find some answers but if we can't do that, we'll at least have fun on the way

Sep 29, 2017

Ontario NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo and Macleans associate editor Murad Hemmadi join Vicky and Ishamel to talk about the future of Uber and what lies ahead in the federal NDP leadership race. 


Sep 22, 2017

Writers Sarah Hagi and Ashley Csanady join Safe Space to talk about Barbie politics, the tax changes debate and the ongoing saga of Senator Lynn Beyak. Welcome back for season two!

Sep 15, 2017

Vicky and Ishmael were joined by comedian Monica Heisey (@monicaheisey) and sports writer Alex Wong (@steven_lebron) for a special edition of Takeaways, live on stage. Safe Space was one of five podcasts to take part in a live taping of CBC's Podcast Playlist at the Hot Docs Theatre in Toronto on June 15. Follow the...

Sep 13, 2017

Safe Space is coming back for another season, so Vicky and Ishmael are checking in and saying hello. New full episodes start September 22nd. Follow the show on Twitter @itsasafespace.